What We Do

We help organisations protect people from harm, reduce business loss, minimise damage to the environment, and improve performance.

Ethos are a training, coaching, and consultancy company who specialise in measurably improving performance. We are passionate about the safety of people; we challenge, motivate and get people to think and feel the impact they can have on themselves and their organisation, most importantly we inspire people to take action.

The style of our trainers is to coach and facilitate, culturing a ‘want to’ attitude rather than a ‘have to’ attitude. We involve people because we realise that more involvement creates more commitment.

We work at all levels from boardroom strategy, practical instruction and training, to onsite coaching and mentoring. Our team will operate to the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure your organisation receives the industry leading support it deserves.

our approach

Our unique approach to delivery of services, be it training, coaching or consultation, means that we can deliver the same industry leading standard with efficiency and consistency.