Safety Culture Assessment

An in-depth look at beliefs, behaviours and systems that have an impact on your safety culture.

Whether you deal with business or safety, culture is critically important to performance. People deserve an environment where they are kept safe and where they can achieve their full potential.

How we define and measure culture determines the actions we take to develop it. This is why Ethos define culture as having three core aspects, Belief, Organisation and Behaviour:


'Trust, faith or confidence in something or someone.'

How is it measured?

Ethos create and distribute an anonymous Safety Climate Survey to all levels of personnel within the organisation. Results from the survey are sent to an independent Organisational and Occupational Psychologist to be analysed.


'Systems, Environment, People and Values.'

How is it measured?

We conduct focused interviews across your organisation to understand what is in place, this will include reviewing the relevant documents.


'What individuals and teams do.'

How is it measured?

Direct observations and conversations that Ethos safety coaches perform at the worksite.

By addressing all three aspects of safety culture in our surveys we can offer you insight that goes beyond surface level and identifies the root causes behind organisational performance.

Once we have established the true reality of your safety culture we can work with you to create an action plan to move the organisation from the current level of safety culture maturity to its desired level of safety culture maturity.

culture report

At the end of the survey you will be presented with a report that provides the current performance of your safety culture, along with recommendations for its improvement.

At this stage, behavioural based safety programmes can be implemented to engage your personnel.