Safety Leadership

Empower and equip your people to lead with vision and passion.


To unlock the potential in leaders; expanding their ability to cultivate successful safety cultures.


This course is built around experiential learning, focusing on both heart and mind. Video, imagery and drama help visualise the impact of safety leadership, whilst role-play sessions allow delegates to put leadership skills into practice, providing an opportunity for feedback in a coaching environment.


All our course objectives are subject to your specific needs; here are some examples:

Delegate will,

  • Recognise the incredible influence they have on their organisation
  • Be able to define their roles and responsibilities as a safety leader
  • Understand the three key aspects of safety culture
  • Have a clear understanding of the language of risk
  • Be able to hold effective pre-task discussions, dynamic risk assessment and post-task reviews
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Learn key safety coaching skills
  • Discover the root causes of unsafe behaviours
  • Develop a personal and organisational action plan to improve safety within their organisation

Anyone who is in a safety leadership position or is expected to be placed in a position of safety leadership.


This training will be tailored to your exact requirements. For more information on our development process please click here.