Drama Based Training

Transformational learning experiences from real-life events

'Stories On Site' (SOS) is the drama department of Ethos Empowerment. For over 25 years our team has utilised drama-based training using role-play, media and live actors embedded in our workshops.

Stories On Site goes one step further and offers organisations rich drama-based training workshops built around real events.

Our Drama-based training can be developed to your unique requirements. If you have a story to tell then our team can help create an event that will leave a lasting impression on your personnel.

Our Stories

What is Drama-based Training?

Drama-based Training is an experiential learning technique that utilises theatrical performance and live, interactive methods. It is a powerful way to engage personnel and make lasting changes in behaviour.

Scripts are created from interviews, research and climate assessment to ensure they are authentic and accessible.

Our delivery teams immerse themselves in the research and script to deliver a truly realistic performance, getting under the skin of an organisation’s culture.

Why Drama-based Training?