Risk Assessment

144 people were killed at work in 2017/18*. Risk Assessment is a fundamental way in which we keep our people safe. Are your risk assessments up to standard?


Learn how to properly define tasks, identify hazards, evaluate risk and implement effective controls.


The course is a mix of theory, group discussion and practical exercises designed to provide delegates with the vital skills and knowledge to carry out effective risk assessment.


All our course objectives are subject to your specific needs; here are some examples:

Delegate will,

  • Be aware of the moral reasons and relevant regulations pertaining to Risk Assessments.
  • Have a good understanding of the Risk Assessment process and its key terms.
  • Be able to properly define complex tasks and outline task steps
  • Be able to identify both personal and process hazards in the workplace
  • Be able to evaluate levels of risk.
  • Be able to identify appropriate control measures based on the hierarchy of control.
  • Implement management action plans arising from the assessment process.
  • Understand how risk assessments link to Incident Investigation and Behavioural Safety.

All personnel who will be involved in the Risk Assessment process in the workplace.


This training will be tailored to your exact requirements. For more information on our development process please click here.