Ethos Safety Coaches Make an Impact at TAQA

28 Jan 2020 | 5 Min Read

Ethos Safety Coaches have been deployed across several TAQA offshore installations in an effort to develop safety leadership and supervisory skills.

Our safety coaches have been working alongside frontline leadership for 4.5 months of what will be a year-long campaign. Already it is clear to see the impact that it is having within the offshore installations.

129 key leaders within TAQA have received one-to-one coaching sessions.

These sessions are designed to facilitate self-awareness of skill level within specific areas and are geared towards generating actions for self-improvement. This is achieved using the GROW coaching model.

500+ Safety Leadership Coaching Conversations

These coaching conversations happen directly at the worksite, providing support on a range of topics from hazard identification to Toolbox Talks. These conversations have been well received offshore:

During a Detailed Dynamic Toolbox Talk For G-1020 Work scope attended by Area Tech / RPE, Medic and Ethos Safety coach (Tom Keane) I observed good interaction/discussion between all.

After I gave a worksite overview and explanation of the task to be carried out on G-1020 for the fresh pairs of eyes who are not familiar with Turbine Maintenance. I then tried to deliver the TBT to the best of my ability in the Quiet Switch room adjacent to the Turbine Hall. This helped fuel their imagination and there was some good input/advice given to me on how to improve the content and the delivery of a TBT.

Coaching is always beneficial to give us some direction and good to have some input from people who are not familiar with the task. Nobody Knows Everything and Every day is a school day (if we are not learning we are losing)

I got an invitation from the safety coach to discuss my personnel safety and supervising performance.

We had a meeting to reflect on my safety and supervising performance and where I can improve by setting goals.

It's good to speak to a professional to improve your own skills related to leadership and safety.

The strong safety presence from Ethos Safety coaches has seen a steady rise of personnel engaging in safety. The amount of coaching has been key to creating a learning culture where people want to improve. Over time this will result in a stronger safety performance.