Ethos Support Ervia Safety Culture Development

24 APRIL 2019 | 1 MIN READ

Our Safety Coaches have been busy working alongside Ervia facilitating safety training workshops as part of Ervia’s ‘Work Safe Home Safe’ safety culture development campaign.

What is Work Safe Home Safe?

Work Safe Home Safe is a safety culture initiative with a simple yet powerful ideal at its core – make safety a daily priority. The message is two-fold; be safe at work and at home, and work safe to get home safe. The main objective of the safety campaign is to build an enduring and proactive safety culture that prioritises the safety of Ervia’s people, partners, customers and the public.

How Do Ethos Help?

Ethos are key partners in realising the main objectives of Work Safe Home Safe, and are working with Ervia to provide a bespoke Safety Culture Development Programme. The programme targets over 300 key influences across the organisation, including the Ervia Executive Team. The programme aims to develop the psychological (how people feel), behavioural (what people do), and organisational (what the organisation has) aspects of Ervia’s safety culture. These three aspects are key to developing and sustaining a proactive approach to safety.

About the Safety Culture Development Programme

The core of the Safety Culture Development programme is built around four modules, each with a specific focus and designed to facilitate open discussion and impart vital skills and techniques. The four modules are:

  1. Leadership and Safety Culture – Understand what makes a safety culture and the power leadership has to impact performance.
  2. Risk Assessment and Practical Application – Clarify a common language of risk, Spot Hazards, Understand Risk, and apply appropriate controls to ensure safe operations.
  3. Safety Leadership Conversations – Learn and practice techniques such as open questions and active listening to facilitate safety conversations with all levels of personnel.
  4. Safe Working Essentials – Vital tools in the proactive management of safety at work.

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