Ethos Utilise Live Learning to Provide ORA Training for North Sea Operators

07 December 2021 | 2min read

Ethos are currently providing Organisational Risk Assessment Live Learning to Shell and Harbour Energy.

Unlike traditional online training, live learning is hosted by experienced facilitators and utilises a variety of applications including breakout rooms, concept boards, team exercises, video, file sharing and much more to create a highly engaging experience.

The development of live learning stemmed from the need to continue high-quality safety training whilst allowing clients to maintain social distancing guidelines. It has since continued as a valuable offering to our clients long after lockdown measures haves eased as it provides a number of benefits:

  • Cost reduction; hosting the training online removes the added expenses of travel and venues.
  • Improved engagement; learning from the comfort of home paired with the use powerful applications can result in greater engagement than traditional classrooms.
  • Increased accessibility; removing the need to travel makes attending a course easier than ever before. All you need is an internet capable device and a stable wifi connection.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact; eliminating travel dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of each course.

Feedback from live learning workshops has shown a consistently high standard, matching and even surpassing feedback received from traditional classroom based training.

Operations & Maintenance Coordinator

"Good discussion, time to listen to each other, very good combination of presentation / dialogue / team discussion. Day went incredibly fast due to good interaction between all."

Operations Supervisor

"Using real examples of our installations and comparing results was a great touch!"