TAQA - Safety Conversation Training and Coaching

16th of January 2023 | 4 min read

TAQA approached Ethos last year to to assist in delivering their workforce engagement safety campaign roadmap by delivering intervention training to all onshore and offshore personnel...

The intended timeframe for this training was Q2-Q3 2022 in line with its workforce engagement safety campaign roadmap.

TAQA has an established behavioural safety programme, Intelligent Safety. The 2014 launch of Intelligent Safety included specific safety intervention role-play training.

Due to the number of new starts to the business since the initial training, in addition to the more recently established contracting workforce, there was a requirement to deliver
safety intervention training to all TAQA staff and core contractors.

This was delivered in two phases:

Phase 1 - Onshore Safety Leadership Observation and Conversations Workshops

Leaders visiting the workplace is an essential requirement to establish and reinforce a generative Health, Safety and Environmental culture. The aim of this workshop is for leadership to recognise the four powerful opportunities they can create during their visit and develop the skills to seize those opportunities and turn them into action.

  1. Continuous Improvement: Listening to the feedback of health, safety and environmental issues and agree the actions, this will help develop a generative safety culture.
  2. Compliance: Observe behaviours of people and conditions of our assets and have open conversations with the people in their workplace regarding TAQA Standards and expectations, praising the positive and where necessary coaching to improve safe behaviours and safe assets.
  3. Learning: leaders will learn the reality of their business.
  4. Communicate: Leaders can communicate their standard in their words, their tone and, most importantly, their actions. Building trust, getting rid of fear and create a culture of open communication.

Phase 2 - Offshore Energiser Workshops & Coaching

Offshore delivered safety intervention training and coaching across TAQA’s seven staffed assets. We conducted on-the-job coaching focusing on effective safety conversations. The workshops consist of ‘Intervention Energiser Sessions’ the sessions would be modular in format and cover aspects such as:

  • Understanding human factors and behaviours.
  • What prevents intervention?
  • What prevents us receiving an intervention?
  • How to intervene.
  • The importance of ‘follow-up.
  • What makes an intervention successful?
  • Intelligent safety and intervention.

One of our Safety Coachs Matthew Lownsbrough on the TAQA Asset Brae Alpha, with TAQA personnel.