The Fearless Organization

Ethos Empowerment have joined a network of organisations who partner with “The Fearless Organization”.

The Fearless Organization’s concepts and tools are based on the work of Professor Amy Edmondson of Harvard University. Having spent years of in-depth research, she highlights the concept of Psychological Safety within organisations and teams. She has many convincing practical examples and scientific substantiation; her work shows that a company can only make real progress when employees feel free to discuss their plans and ideas and dare to express their concerns openly.

Based on Edmondson's work and in collaboration with Amy C. Edmondson herself, The Fearless Organization has developed a simple survey to explore the level of psychological safety within teams.

After completing the survey you'll see how team members experience the psychological safety within their team in four different areas.

The debrief explore team perceptions and explores what actions are required within the team to increase levels of phycological safety. Based on Professor Edmundson’s work, there is clear evidence that higher levels of phycological safety results in improved performance for both safety and production.

Key Aspects of Psychological Safety

The survey is not an absolute measure, like body temperature, with a right answer. Surveys are always measuring perceptions relative to something, and that “something” varies based on a variety of contextual factors. Having said that, it helps better understand the perceptions of the team, and will help the team and leaders to become aware of those perceptions.