Empowering Safety: Ethos' Success Story with NEO

At Ethos, we take pride in our commitment to fostering a culture of safety in every project we undertake. NEO are a valued client we've been collaborating with since late 2023. Our partnership with NEO underscores our dedication to enhancing safety practices and ensuring the well-being of personnel in high-risk environments.

NEO, an independent full-cycle energy business in the UKCS, operates the GP3 FPSO, a pivotal asset in their portfolio. Recognising the importance of prioritising safety, NEO sought our expertise to bolster their employees' proficiency in risk assessment—a fundamental aspect of ensuring operational safety.

Training for success

To address NEO's needs, we conducted comprehensive Task Risk Assessment (TRA) Workshops, providing classroom-based training sessions tailored to the crew of the GP3 FPSO. The workshops focused on instilling best practices in risk assessment methodologies and equipping participants with the skills to apply these methodologies effectively within their existing control of work system.

The training sessions have yielded tangible benefits for NEO and its personnel. By embedding the language of risk into their daily operations, employees have become more adept at identifying hazards accurately. This clarity in hazard identification cascades into the implementation of appropriate control measures, enhancing safety protocols across the board. Toolbox talks and task execution procedures have been refined, ensuring that individuals are fully aware of the risks involved in their activities.

Below is some feedback Ethos has received from delegates.

  • “Good formal training for people that work on the GP3, good to have dialogue with colleagues and trainers about risk assessments.”
  • “Tom kept the class engaged all day.”
  • “Instructor was concise and clear in material delivery.”

Our experience working closely with the crew of the GP3 FPSO has been immensely positive. Despite the inherent challenges of adopting new processes, the team has embraced the training with enthusiasm and dedication, showcasing their commitment to safety excellence.

Looking Ahead

We're dedicated to ongoing improvement and are now exploring on-site coaching opportunities at the GP3 FPSO. By integrating training into real-world scenarios, we ensure sustained safety excellence.

Looking ahead, we're committed to innovation and collaboration, shaping a safer future together.