Enhancing Offshore Safety: Ethos' Success with TAQA

At Ethos, our commitment to promoting safety culture and empowering workforce engagement has been exemplified through our partnership with TAQA since 2019. Over the years, we have collaborated closely with TAQA to implement effective safety campaigns and initiatives, fostering a culture of safety both onshore and offshore.

TAQA, a leading energy company, recognised the importance of engaging their offshore workforce in promoting safety practices and adhering to procedures. Seeking assistance, they turned to Ethos for our expertise in behavioural safety campaigns and safety culture enhancement.

Our Work with TAQA

Since 2022, Ethos has played a pivotal role in facilitating various safety coaching campaigns for TAQA. Our services have ranged from conducting classroom workshops to providing onsite coaching, focusing on key areas such as positive safety conversations, planning for safe work and respecting procedures.

The impact of our partnership with TAQA speaks for itself. TAQA won an offshore safety award in 2023 for workforce engagement. This award is to showcase recognition of the “outstanding contribution that individuals, teams, and organisations make to improve safety at their worksite and across wider industry.” Source: https://www.stepchangeinsafety...

Insights and Learnings

Through our experience with TAQA, we've recognised valuable insights into conducting effective safety conversations. Authenticity has emerged as a key factor in engaging participants during safety conversations and training sessions, fostering meaningful dialogue about safety practices.

Participants in our training sessions often highlight the engaging nature of the sessions and the relevance of the content delivered by our coaches. They leave with a better understanding of safety concepts and skills to implement them effectively in their work environment. Find below some feedback from delegates that have seen us presenting.

  • “Good interaction and discussion from all at the course.”
  • “Excellent coach and the workshops they deliver offshore are second to none.”
  • “The presentation is very engaging, thought provoking and interactive.”

Improvements and Future Developments

Looking ahead, discussions are underway to continue and expand our successful partnership with TAQA. We aim to further enhance our safety conversation training program based on feedback and experiences, ensuring continued value for TAQA's workforce.

As we look forward to the future, we are excited about the prospect of continuing our work with TAQA. Their dedication to promoting a positive safety culture is commendable, and we are committed to supporting them in achieving their safety goals into 2024 and beyond.

In conclusion, our collaboration with TAQA stands as a testament to the effectiveness of proactive safety initiatives and the importance of fostering a culture of safety within organisations. At Ethos, we remain dedicated to partnering with companies like TAQA to promote safer work environments and empower employees to prioritise safety in all aspects of their work.