Ethos & BAM Nuttal Join Forces to Refine Risk Assessment

Within workplace safety, having a clear picture of the things that can harm you is key. That is why we recently partnered with BAM Nuttal Ltd (BAM) to deliver Task Risk Assessment (TRA) training. This collaboration establishes the foundation for effective risk assessment: assuring tasks are clearly defined, hazards are identified, risk is evaluated, and effective controls are implemented.

The launch of the training program addresses a common challenge across industries – the confusion surrounding hazard identification. This confusion often leads to inefficiencies and safety oversights within our tasks that sadly result in injuries that could have been easily prevented. Recognizing this, Ethos Empowerment aims to bring clarity to the processes by imparting practical skills for creating thorough risk assessments. The goal is simple: to clear up confusion and equip participants with practical skills for crafting effective risk assessments.

Task Risk Assessment Training

The workshop is split into two sections:

  1. During the first part of the workshop we will explore the theory of risk assessment. Using interactive team exercises to clarify and embed a common, clear language and logical approach to risk assessment.
  1. The latter half of the day will be practical application, first reviewing risk assessments and identifying areas for improvement. Delegates will then conduct a risk assessment to confirm knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

  • Delegates will have a common language of risk and a clear understanding of that language.
  • Delegates will be provided with tools and skills to define the Task, identify Hazards, evaluate Risk and implement effective Controls
  • Provide delegates with knowledge and skills to evaluate risk; understanding what increases and decreases risk
  • Provide delegates with a working knowledge of the hierarchy of control
  • Provide Delegates with the skills to critically review Task Based Risk Assessments
  • Delegates will complete an effective Task Risk Assessment
  • Delegates will have a working knowledge of Task Risk Assessment Procedure

Workshop Feedback:

“I think everything was very clearly layed out. Very engaging, not too much just sitting and listening. Very interactive which I liked. Very comfortable environment and very open”

“The identification of energy was key, using the RA matrix and differentiation of hazards and risk was really beneficial”.

“The workshop gave me clarity and it boosted my understanding of effective risk assessment.”

This collaboration between Ethos Empowerment and BAM underscores a shared commitment to improving safety standards. By combining expertise and practical methodologies, we will cultivate a culture of safety awareness that permeates all aspects of operations.

Stay tuned for more insights into this partnership and its impact on safety practices.