Ethos provide offshore coaching for TAQA

4th October 2019 | 2 min read

TAQA has requested Ethos provide Safety Coaches across their offshore assets to develop safety leadership and supervisory skills over a period of one year. Ethos coaches are engaging in group workshops, site visits and one-to-one coaching. The expectation is that TAQA will, at the end of this period, have internal Safety Coaching capability.

The key to the success of the coaching and workshops is not to introduce new initiatives, but to use what TAQA has already established. Our Coaches are utilising existing initiatives that can assist in shaping behaviours and deliver safety performance improvement. We are ensuring the TAQA core values (Honesty, Integrity, and Respect for People) are embedded within the programme.

The following areas have been identified for coaching:


Risk Assessment & Hazard Identification

Toolbox Talks

Safety Conversations

Intelligent Safety

Leadership Safety Behaviours

After Action Review

We are excited to be working alongside Taqa and look forward to a successful campaign over the next year.