Ethos Collaborate with WSP to provide Safety Culture Assessment

6th December 2021 | 3min read

Ethos is working in collaboration with WSP to provide an HSE Management System transformation project for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). As part of the current project phase, Ethos will perform an HSE Climate Survey, leading to the development of an HSE culture strategy and action plan.

The prevailing HSE Culture within an organisation has a major influence on the HSE-related behaviour of people at work. Achieving a mature HSE Culture requires the organisation to identify the barriers preventing employees and leaders from performing at their best.

The anonymous HSE Climate Survey will be administered electronically and should take each employee less than 15 minutes to complete. The goal is to obtain completed Assessment forms from circa 6,000 employees from all levels of the organisation.

Results from the HSE climate survey will inform the final HSE culture assessment report that will also include documentation review and behavioural observations made by safety coaches. The assessment will also measure the organisational factors and benchmark them against other HSE Culture Assessment results from other client sites that have administered the assessment.

On completion of the HSE culture assessment report, a workshop will be held to compare the findings from the report with the findings from the cultural elements attained during the various documentation reviews and the behavioural aspects from the site surveys. Based on the findings from the workshop an action plan will be prepared that focuses on training, coaching and activities that will provide a sustainable step change in HSE culture, predominantly driven by SEC Leadership.

A high-level presentation of the analysis with an agreed action plan shall be made to Senior Management for approval.