Ethos provides client with Virtual Inductions

27 Oct 2020 | 3 min read

Ethos was contacted by a client to provide a Safety Consultant in the role of Turnaround HSE focal point. This role originally included organising and hosting interactive inductions originally to take place within the Client’s Capitol building. This would have consisted of various booths where delegates would gain knowledge of their workscopes and understand the key risks involved.

Due to COVID–19 and the need for social distancing the decision was made to conduct the induction in a virtual environment.

Scope of Work

The intent for the virtual inductions was to deliver the same content to the same standard of in-person inductions. The central requirement is to have supervisors host elements of the inductions to emulate visiting an interactive booth, with each supervisor showcasing their information in the media they choose. Other requirements included making the induction as interactive as possible in the virtual environment and effectively tracking participants.

The tools used included;

  • Ethos e-learning platform.
  • Zoom meetings

With these tools, it became possible to host supervisor lead, interactive inductions that exceeded the effectiveness of in-person inductions by:

  • Reducing set-up costs
  • Reducing travel time and costs
  • Increased safety as the need to travel was eliminated
  • Reduced impact on the environment
  • Improve work/life balance increasing wellbeing
  • And providing physical distancing to protect from Covid-19

So far 254 delegates have participated in Live Learning Inductions.