Shell Safety Leadership Training for Supervisors

19 April 2021 | 4 min read

Following the success of the Virtual Live-Learning Onboarding workshops for the Turnaround Campaign, Ethos was asked to provide additional workshops for the general population on Shearwater as well as Leadership Training for Supervisors. The new Safety Training consists of:

  • Safety Leadership for Supervisors workshops for an estimated 150 delegates
  • Shearwater Onboarding workshops for an estimated 700 delegates

Safety Leadership Training for Supervisors

The Safety Leadership for Supervisors workshop will be based the current safety training Ethos are providing and will be developed to include:

  • The Role of a Supervisor – front and centre, coaching, visible and maintain quality of activities
  • Expectations of a Supervisor and leader
  • Supervisor training on Shell systems
  • What does a good Supervisor look like?
  • Lessons Learnt and Ensuring Success.
  • Toolbox Talk & Intervention training
  • Consequence management

The estimated completion date is set by the start of the turnaround at the end of May.

Safety Training and Onboarding

Ethos will be working in close collaboration with Shell to transfer current Onboarding material onto the Ethos Live Learning platform.

Once the content has been compiled on the platform Ethos will then, in discussion with Shell, determine the format of the safety training. At this time it will be decided any of the material would be best placed as an e-Learning module.

It is already agreed that the safety training workshop will take place over one day and will be split into two modules:

  • 1st Module – HSE Aspects
  • 2nd Module – TAR Workscope Overview

We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Shell throughout 2021 and are ready to put every effort into helping develop a culture of success for this Turnaround campaign.