A Year of Risk Assessment Training with Shell

Feedback for 2019

Ethos have been working with Shell UK to develop and deliver Task Risk Assessment and Operational Risk Assessment programmes to improve consistency and clarity in their risk assessment process.

Ethos coaches have been running workshops to engage all levels of personnel in Risk Assessment. The focus has been to highlight the current confusion in The Language of Risk® and to bring clarity to the process.

The programmes have been well received across all installations and Ethos continue to deliver workshops for all personnel joining the Risk Assessment process.

Here is what 2019 looked like:

44 Workshops

595 delegates trained

138 Refinery workers trained

382 Offshore workers trained

Delegate Feedback

"Clarification of the language of risk very useful and it was clearly a bit of a light-bulb moment for most attendees."

"Good discussion, time to listen to each other, very good combination of presentation/dialogue/team discussion. Day went incredibly fast due to good interaction between all."

"Nothing to improve in my opinion. Good material and the presentation was excellent."