Ethos Provide Incident Investigation Development Programme for Tullow Oil Ghana

29th November 2021 | 2min read

Ethos is providing Tullow Oil Ghana with Incident Investigation training, coaching and consulting. The Incident Investigation workshops, hosted at client locations within Accra and Takoradi, aim to equip existing EHS team members with core knowledge and skills to be effective Team Leaders or valuable members of an incident investigation team.

Some key topics covered are:

  • information gathering
  • interviewing,
  • analysis of information,
  • creating sequence of events pre/post-incident,
  • identifying critical factors,
  • identifying causation (immediate & underlying) and developing actions.
  • Human factors.

In addition to the incident investigation training workshops, Ethos personnel are also supporting investigation reviews to identify improvement opportunities. Investigations for both low level and high potential incidents will be examined to identify common strengths or weaknesses within the investigations. Actions will then be put in place to strengthen any weaknesses and reinforce existing success.

To ensure sustainable development, Ethos is providing real-time Coaching to Investigation Teams during live incident investigations. Internal trainers and coaches are also being developed to ensure the continual growth and life of the programme.