Onsite Safety Coaching for Wood

19 April 2021 | 4 min read

Ethos is proud to announce a new client, Wood, who have requested provision of an onshore Safety Coach at the SAGE St Fergus gas terminal as part of plans to develop behavioural based safety and safety culture.

An Ethos Safety Coach will be embedded at the St Fergus terminal providing onsite safety coaching as well as developing internal HSSE Coaches within Wood leadership to ensure sustainability of the coaching.

Our unique approach does not focus on implementing more initiatives but rather engaging and empowering personnel utilising the tools already embedded in Wood. Our safety coaches will align the training and coaching to Wood HSSE policy, Vision, Values and Behaviours:

Wood Values

We will further develop a culture of Care, ensuring people are working safely, with integrity, respecting and valuing each other and the local community.

We aim to develop commitment to ensure this is delivered consistently.

We will inspire the courage to speak up, challenge and together create smarter solutions.

We will explain the skills, demonstrate the skills, encourage people to imitate the skills, observe people practicing the skills and provide feedback. As competency is demonstrated we will coach the skills.

Our goal over the 3-month period is to refresh Wood Values and Expected Behaviours and embed them along the Behavioural Safety Essential Skills in the day-to-day working at SAGE terminal. During this time the Ethos Coaches will identify and suggest people to become internal Wood HSSE Coaches.

We look forward to working alongside Wood at the SAGE terminal and developing a culture of success by unlocking the potential within people.