Ethos Continue Safety Culture Development for Ervia

24 APRIL 2019 | 1 MIN READ

Ethos continues to support Ervia with a bespoke Safety Culture Development Programme. Read our initial article here to discover more about the programme.

Ethos will continue to provide the following modules throughout 2019:

  1. Leadership and Safety Culture – Understand what makes a safety culture and the power leadership has to impact performance.
  2. Risk Assessment and Practical Application – Clarify a common language of risk, Spot Hazards, Understand Risk, and apply appropriate controls to ensure safe operations.
  3. Safety Leadership Conversations – Learn and practice techniques such as open questions and active listening to facilitate safety conversations with all levels of personnel.

On top of this, the programme which consisted of a suite of four modules has now been expanded to include an extra module on Personal Responsibility for Safety. This module is designed to engage with Ervia staff and help them recognise the incredible responsibility and authority they possess to ensure safety at work and at home.